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Can you suggest a charity or organisation in Norwich; which supports people affected by loneliness..

that can benefit from a FREE 3 course Christmas meal for 24 people?

Whilst living in Portugal, we created a #givingbacktothelocalcommunity programme! This December is our 3rd year back in the UK and the one-year birthday for Jorge’s restaurant! We are overwhelmed by the love and support we have received from Norfolk and feel now is the right time to start giving back to Norwich.

FIRST we need your help to select a local charity or organisation that you feel would benefit from this FREE event!

NEXT we need your help to offer gift donations:

We would like to create a hamper to offer as a gift to each diner that can include things like:

o Christmas treats & drinks

o Local shops to provide any item you think would be suitable to offer as a gift. E.g. Decoration items, scarf, hat, pen, note book, gift vouchers, anything you think would make a lovely surprise for someone

o Baskets & wrapping, ribbons to make each package look really special

o Gift vouchers for manicure, massage, osteopathy treatments, yoga class, days out etc

FINALLY if we can go the extra mile we think the following would really put a smile on people’s faces!

o Transport company to provide transport too and from the event

o Local singer to do a small set, with limited setup

EVENT DATE: Monday, December 16 at 1pm

Can you help us with any of the above?

Please contact Eleanor on: or call 0780 644 1856



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