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Every 1 matters

and deserves a meal


Can you help us provide meals for

homeless people in Norwich?

We launched our #givingback initiative in 2019 to thank  Norfolk for supporting us. Our aim is to spread love and support throughout our amazing county. When we launched this project our aim was to bring local lonely people together during the festive season with a free meal and gifts.


It's time to extend this project to support those in need throughout the year and this year we start by Supporting "Norwich Homeless Support" by raising money so they can purchase meals for the homeless in Norwich.

We want to show people we are thinking of them and they are not alone!

We hope this initiative will grow and that other restaurants and local business owners will join us to make Norfolk even more special! We are here to support you with a focus on community projects to help prevent loneliness.

Jorge, Owner & Manager, Jorge's Restaurant

Everyone matters and deserves a meal 

For many people, the last year has been a terrifying and isolating year. Many people across Norwich have found themselves struggling to stay well and warm, now imagine how scary that must be without a home and no one to support you? Sadly homelessness is a reality for some local people & Norwich Homeless Support is dedicated to supporting them in the following ways:

  • 10 Bed Homeless Coach which can house up to ten people from the streets. 

  • Weekly Lunch Feeds

  • Community Food Bank

  • Advice Centre


We have committed to providing a meal for all homeless bus residents once a month, but that's really not enough! We would like to ask for your support to help us raise money for the charity Norwich Homeless Support so they can provide FREE meals for homeless people in Norwich. 

£4 - will buy a packed lunch for a homeless person.

£12 - Buys three packed lunches for the homeless. 

£20 - Buys a week of packed lunches for the homeless. 

Scroll down and find out how you can help us!

If you are unable to support us by purchasing a meal then please share this page and our social media posts to help spread the word!

Thank you for your support, if you have any questions or can help please call Eleanor on 0780 644 1856.

Take care,

Jorge & Eleanor

#givingback #givingbacktothelocalcommunity #norwichhomelesssupport

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Why support Norwich Homeless Support?


"We beleive that having a home is not an entitlement, it is a RIGHT"! No one should go without food or drink!


In collaboration with Norwich Homeless support, we are raising money so they can provide weekly lunches for the homeless in Norwich. The currently go around Norwich with their food buggies two days a week and plan to increase this to 5 days a week in March but we need your help to raise more funds assisting them with their goal. 

How can you help?

You can gift a meal or a week of meals for a homeless person in Norwich. Here is how:


On our takeaway ordering system you will see we have added two options allowing you to purchase meals for the homeless.


1. Buy a meal for a homeless person in Norwich for £4

2. Buy a week of meals for a homeless person in Norwich for £20


Simply add the meals you would like to gift to your takeaway order and 100% of your gift will go to the charity allowing them to increase their lunch service from 2 days a week to 5 days.


You can also gift money to our dedicated giving back PayPal account with any value (small or large) using the email jorge@jorgesrestaurant.co.uk (Please use the reference "Norwich Homeless"

Thank you for helping us to support our local community! Together we can make great things happen.

Read testimonials from people that have received help from Norwich Homeless Support

Homeless person, Norwich

Eric Hewson, thanks to you I'm housed for tonight, the system is broken and there is many like me falling through the cracks and not getting the help we deserve as humans.... thank you for your support

Homelss person, Norwich

Eric at Norwich Homeless Support has been helping me for the last couple of weeks after getting nowhere myself, within a couple of hours I was booked into a hotel for a couple of nights and met with Eric the next day to go through my options. We managed to get the council to help me for a week while swep was activated but then last Tuesday I was back on the streets with nowhere to go for the night. After speaking with Eric I'm currently being put up in a hotel paid for by Norwich Homeless Support and checks have been made to make sure I'm ok and next I will be moving into a hostel

Previous struggling person, Norwich

I now own my own flat which I've only got in the recent months. I know what it is like living with nothing and I know from first hand how much these handouts helo, so from everyone you are helping, thank you so much.

It is people like you who have kept me going in my time of need and for that I owe people such as yourselves my life and time.

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Can you nominate a charity

for us to support this Christmas?

We want to make this event extra special & also need local companies to sponsor us with the following services:

  • Live Music

  • Christmas Decoration

  • Christmas Crackers

  • Cards from Local school Children

  • 20 Boxes of Christmas chocolates 

  • 20 Boxes of Christmas biscuits

  • 20 Boxes of Christmas themed cakes

  • 20 Gifts tbc dependant on the charity & guests attending

  • 20 Gift bags

  • Printing of Christmas stationery & promo materials

As a thank you all event sponsors will get their logo, contact details & website link on our website throughout the event promotion. 

Proposed Event Date

Monday 20th December 2020

Can you help us?

Please contact Eleanor

0780 644 1856


You can also donate money

If you are unable to support is in one of the above ways but would like to contribute you can donate any amount of money small or large to our dedicated giving back PayPal account. Please use the reference: CHRISTMAS2021

Each Christmas we plan to offer a Free

3-course meal to a group of local people that suffer from loneliness. We need your help to choose a charity to support this year!

Although Norwich was voted the UK’s happiest place to work, it was also voted one of the loneliest and we would like to bring people together for a Christmas celebration. We want to spoil them and show them we are thinking of them and that they are loved!


We don't mind what kind of charity we support but the focus of our event is to encourage people that are lonely and allow them to get together and hopefully make some new friends.


The pandemic will mean many people have lost loved ones and may be facing Christmas for the first time alone!

So which local charities do you know that are doing their best to help prevent loneliness in our fine city? This could be to support struggling families, give family carers a little bit of rest bite, simply tell us whom your nominated charity is, why you have nominated them! 

To nominate your charity please contact Eleanor on

07806441856 or email her to marketing@jorgesrestaurant.co.uk

P.S. Please check out the photos below to see what we did for Age UK Norwich in 2019. The video has some lovely testimonials too! You can also...

Read more about our 2019 Giving Back Event

Read more about our 2020 Giving Back Event


Testimonials from previous #givingback events


It’s a great privilege to be Sheriff because you go around and see a great amount of good work that goes on in the city and that is an enormous privilege but it is very rare that you come to an event like this which is a completely new incitive. Where we haven’t got empty promises about goodwill to mankind. We’ve actually got generosity beyond and above any kind of generosity I have ever seen in the city. And I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Jorge and to Eleanor & to Age UK Norwich for bringing this together. With the choir to the children that were here, with the presents that were given. Not often am I moved to tears, but I’ve been in tears all afternoon at the generosity that has been shown today. And what I’m really hoping is that they might have started an incitive today that might take off, because I can see there is a real amount of good will and people wanting to help and not knowing how. So, let’s see if we can harness this wonderful incitive & take it one step further for next year and beyond.

Marion The Sheriff of Norwich, Speech given at our Giving Back 2019 Christmas Event

Photos of our Giving Back event 2019

Napkin Ring donated by John Lewis
Falcon Junior School kids
Jorge's Restaurant Christmas setup
Eleanor with Guest at Charity event
Dan the director or Age UK with gift
Free Prize draw at Giving back event
Owner of Jorge's Restaurant Jorge
Sheriff of Norwich Marian
Guests at Charity event with present
Children of Falcon Junior school
Kids deliver presents to elderly
The Sheriff talks to guests at event
Christmas Decorations at charity
Christmas table decoration
Napkin rings gifted by John Lewis
Sheriff Marian
Viva Voce Choir at Charity Event


We hope that other restaurants will join us and together we can create a big

annual event helping many local charities.

Want to participate?


0780 644 1856



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