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What's on at Jorge's Restaurant in Norwich?

Escape everyday life and let us transport you to Portugal right here in the heart of Norwich!

We want you to experience the best that Portugal has to offer and have created a series of events and specials for you to enjoy throughout the year! Check out our events calender below and click the read more button to discover more about each event.



Because Jorge’s Restaurant wants you to experience the best Portugal has to offer, we will be hosting several foodie-tasting menu dinners. Each dish will be carefully balanced, and each glass will be chosen to complement the food.

Summer BBQ - Churrasco - Charity Event

Sunday 14 TH JULY 2024 - 1 PM to 5PM

We are excited to do our first "Giving Back" of 2024



During the months of July & August, you can enjoy a selection of special seafood and fish dishes! And what about wine? Let’s try some Vinho Verde and we have loads!!!

Can’t skip Portugal, can’t skip Jorge’s Restaurant,
can’t skip Norwich

I’ve fallen in love with the great city of Norwich and the beautiful landscape of Norfolk. As a family, we have settled in our new home. The experience of settling in and opening Jorge’s Restaurant has been a great journey for us.


Since I moved to Norwich, so much has happened and changed…but one thing hasn’t changed, even a little bit.

And those are my feelings about each of the places I’ve lived.

Sometimes, I daydream of strolling the streets, the fish markets, and the sunny beaches of Portugal. It doesn’t matter how many years have passed; I still clearly remember the smell, the colours, the flavours, the people I’ve met, and all the places that we used to go.


Jorge’s Restaurant allows me to reconnect with that part of me every day. I love that I can bring a little of my past life to everyone who comes through the door of my restaurant. The food and wine we serve tell part of the story of my family life. All the meals shared with all the amazing people I was lucky to meet are the main inspiration for our food.

There are some things you can’t skip, so don’t miss the chance to visit a little of Portugal in the heart of Norwich. You can’t skip Portugal, Jorge’s Restaurant, or Norwich.

Check out the video below, created by the Portuguese Tourism Board! It really shows how wonderful my home country is! If you haven't visited Portugal yet, maybe it could be your next trip. But until then, come to Jorge's Restaurant and get a taste of Portugal!

Book a table

To book a table at Jorge's CLICK HERE or email us at: or call ‭01603 764 441‬

Opening Hours

Tuesday - Thursday

Lunch: 12:00 pm to last sitting 2:15 pm

Dinner: 5:30 pm to last sitting at 9 pm

Friday & Saturday

Lunch: 12:00 pm to last sitting 2:15 pm

Dinner: 5:30 pm to last sitting at 9:30 pm

​Sunday & Monday


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