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Special - The King & Queen of Alentejo

What's on at Jorge's Restaurant in Norwich?
Check out our specials for April & May 2024

Escape everyday life and let us transport you to Portugal right here in the heart of Norwich!

This April & May, we are excited to take you on a journey to Alentejo!

The king & queen of Alentejo

During the months of April & May you can enjoy a great selection of Iberian Porks & wines from Alentejo.


APRIL & MAY 2024

Specials of the Month - Black Iberian Pork 100% acorn & Alentejo Wines

The black Alentejano pig is exceptional and blessed by nature. It is raised in the oak groves of the Alentejo and fed with acorns. Its meat is more succulent, intense, and tasty, with a unique flavour and delightful tenderness. Heavily marbled, this delicious pork meat looks darker than regular pork, and the acorn diet imparts a nuttiness to the flavour.

Nothing complements a meal with Black Iberian Pork better than an Alentejo Wine. This wine region in the south of Portugal, with summer temperatures above 40ºC, produces great wines. There is a distinction between the white wines, which are aromatic, fresh, and balanced, and the red wines, ruby or garnet-coloured, which are more intense, full-bodied, and at the same time smooth and slightly astringent.

Vines in a vineyard in Alentejo region, Portugal, at sunset..jpg
Jorges Restaurant - Iberian Black pork photos.jpg

This April & May, enjoy the following cuts of Iberian meat for lunch and dinner:

Presa: is a part of the neck of Black Iberian Pork, which is very marbled meat. Each piece of pork presa weighs around 600g.


Plumas: is next to the tip of the loin of the Black Iberian Pork. Each pork as around 450g of Plumas


Secretos: is a hidden part of the Black Iberian Pork between the loin and the shoulder blade. Each pork has around 600g of Secretos


Abanicos: meat from the ribs close to the neck of the pig


Lagartos: Between the loin and the ribs

Jorges Restaurants - Cuts of Iberian Black Pork.jpg
Jorges Portuguese Restaurant- Iberian Black Pork Cuts of Meat-8113.jpg

This April & May, enjoy our special selection of Iberian meat cuts for lunch and dinner


Tenderloin in “pica pau” sauce £9.50

Pica-Pau de lombinhos de porco preto

Recommended Wine Pairing - Capela 2018, Alentejo Red

Iberico Ham Shoulder £16

Paleta de Porco preto

Recommended Wine Pairing - Conde D’Ervideira Private Selection 2011, Alentejo Red 


Plumas, migas, kale £31

Plumas, migas, grelos

Recommended Wine Pairing: Paço do Conde Reserva 2018, Alentejo 

Pork tenderloin, clams, crispy potatoes £24

Lombo de porco preto à Alentejana

Recommended Wine Pairing - Monte Capela, Alfrocheiro 2020, Alentejo Red

Pork cheeks, pumpkin puree £23

Bochechas de porco preto, puré de abóbora

Recommended Wine Pairing - Grous 2020, Alentejo Red 

Presa, mushrooms, courgettes and carrots £29

Presa, cogumelos, courgettes e cenoura

Recommended Wine Pairing - Paço do Conde Sirah & Touriga Nacional 2021, Alentejo Red

Secretos, rice, black beans £29.50

Secretos, arroz, feijāo preto

Recommended Wine Pairing - Esporāo Reserva 2019, Alentejo Red

All our meats are from Black Iberian Pork, 100% Acorn-fed and come from sustainable farms.

Wine cost is not included in the menu item price - view the wine of the month menu for wine prices.  

ALLERGEN INFORMATION: If you have an allergen, please notify us on arrival at the restaurant. If you have a severe allergy, please contact us prior to making a reservation to check if we can accommodate your requirements.

April & May



175ml £8.50 | 250ml £11.50 | Bottle £32

Antāo Vaz & Verdelho

Yellow citrus colour, intense tropical fruit aroma and balanced freshness.


175ml £9.75 | 250ml £13 | Bottle £38.50

Arinto & Antāo Vaz

Citrine colour with greenish reflections. On the nose intense notes of white fruits, and slight vanilla. On the palate, it is rich showing the elegance of its mineral profile. Full-bodied with a long finish.



175ml £7.50 | 250ml £9.50 | Bottle £27

Touriga Nacional, Aragonez & Trincadeira

Intense ruby red colour. Fruity, with strong hints of plum and black pepper.

Smooth on the tannins. Very well-balanced.


175ml £7.80 | 250ml £10.50 | Bottle £29.50

Trincadeira, Alicante Bouschet & Touriga Nacional

Garnet colour. On the nose fresh fruit aroma with balsamic and some spicy notes. On the palate, smooth with an aftertaste of wild fruit.


175ml £9.75 | 250ml £13.50 | Bottle £38

Touriga Nacional & Syrah

Garnet colour. Intense and complex aroma with notes of black cherry, vanilla and spices. The palate is balanced, with structure and a smooth long end.


Bottle £49.50
Alicante Bouschet, Syrah & Touriga Nacional

Garnet colour. Complex aroma with notes of spices, black berries and cherries.

Full bodied but soft on the tannins with a persistent finish.

And what about wine?

Jorge has selected a range of Alentejo wines, focusing especially on the reds, to pair with our delicious Black Iberian Pork dishes. Welcome to Alentejo, a land of wines that will surprise you with their excellence, aromas, and colours, as unique as the landscape and the cuisine.

A vast rolling plain in Southern Portugal with cork forests and hilltop castles. Summer temperatures reach 40 degrees, allowing the grapes to easily ripen for full, generous wines.


Home to many large wine estates at the forefront of innovation. Red grapes in particular thrive in Alentejo, varieties such as Aragonês, Trincadeira and Alicante Bouschet give powerful rich, full bodied smooth wines.

There is a distinction between the white wines, which are aromatic, fresh and balanced, and the red wines, ruby- or garnet-coloured, which are more intense, full-bodied and at the same time smooth and slightly astringent.


Red Wine

These Alentejo specials are available to order for lunch & dinner during the months of April & May 2024!


Disclaimer: Whilst we make every effort to ensure all specials are available, stock levels will vary depending on supplier availability, and dishes will be served on a first-come, first-served basis. Should you wish to have a specific dish or wine available whilst dining with us, please email us at:



Because Jorge’s Restaurant wants you to experience the best Portugal has to offer, we will be hosting several foodie-tasting menu dinners. Each dish will be carefully balanced, and each glass will be chosen to complement the food.

Check out the video below, created by the Portuguese Tourism Board! It shows how diverse the landscape is in Alentejo. If you haven't visited Portugal yet, maybe it could be your next trip. But until then, come to Jorge's Restaurant this April and May to get a taste of Alentejo!

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